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Harry Potter “Avoid You-Know-Who” Playing Card Game

Harry Potter “Avoid You-Know-Who” Playing Card Game

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Harry Potter "Avoid You-Know-Who" Playing Cards

Enjoy this fun and engaging card game while trying not to end up with the "you know who" card at the end. Collect pairs of matching cards, placed face up on the table until all matching pairs have been found! The unfortunate player left with the Voldemort card is the loser! Perfect for taking on a trip or vacation, the pack of cards features all the well-known characters from the world of Harry Potter.
The set comes in a blue metal box with the image of Voldemort, and includes the text, 'Avoid You-Know-Who'.

A great gift for fans of all ages, this is the perfect keepsake of Harry Potter, one of the most popular and successful film and novel franchises of all time.

Features :

* 6 years and over

*Approximate package dimensions: 16 x 8 x 3 cm

* Players: 2+

* Duration: 15 minutes

* Fun and engaging card game

* Perfect for going on a trip or vacation

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