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Harry Potter Board Game - A Year At Hogwarts

Harry Potter Board Game - A Year At Hogwarts

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Harry Potter - A Year at Hogwarts

You have just received your acceptance letter to enter the greatest school of witchcraft in the world "Hogwarts" led by the greatest wizard of all time Albus Dumbledore. Win the Four Houses Cup by participating in Quidditch matches and the Dueling Club. Take your exams in the classrooms and complete your

3 game modes: “undergraduate wizard”, “major team wizard”, “return of Lord Voldemort” (the game can be played alone)

Relive the entire saga through the 30 missions (1 to 10: Films and Books 1, 2 and 3), (11 to 20: Films and Books 4 and 5), (21 to 30: Films and Books 6 and 7).


* 1 tray

* 3 mini trays

* 210 cards (spells, potions, events, actions, books, duels, fights, missions) –

* 5 dice

* 15 pawns and character sheets

* 1 rule of the game

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