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Leg Strap For Joycon - Nintendo Switch

Leg Strap For Joycon - Nintendo Switch

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Pull and run in place with the leg strap accessory

Move around in the Nintendo Switch™ Sports game with the leg strap accessory. The leg strap accessory and Joy-Con™ controller (L) work together to transform your movements in the real world into in-game actions, like shooting the ball in soccer. Insert the Joy-Con controller (L) into the slot and strap it to your leg and you can intuitively shoot the ball in goal shooting mode! Additional soccer matches will use this accessory via a future free Nintendo Switch Sports update. Visit for more details when the time comes.

The leg strap accessory is compatible with Nintendo Switch™ Sports and Ring Fit Adventure™ games and can be purchased separately for those who have the digital version of Nintendo Switch Sports or those who would like a second leg strap for gaming sessions. soccer on the same console*.

Joy-Con controller not included.

• Move around in the Nintendo Switch Sports game with the leg strap accessory

• By inserting a Joy-Con controller (L) into the leg strap accessory, you can play penalty shootout mode with intuitive shooting movements

• Compatible with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure games

• Recommended for those who purchased the digital version of the Nintendo Switch Sports game**

*Additional accessories, sold separately, may be required for multiplayer mode.

**Leg strap accessory required for some soccer games

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